Christian Supernatural Of The United States

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Christian Demonic Exorcism in the United States

The act of possession was a considered a source of illness that required a ritual type of healing to remove the demons or spirits taking control of that its host. Exorcism was used as this type of healing that occurred all around the world, including the United States. Christianity believed that there were demons that harassed, tormented and possessed humans which came from the New Testament. We learned that Satan was in charge of these acts in which being possessed gave new skills and strength because of the demon inside of them. From the New Testament, Jesus was able to perform exorcisms simply by demanding these demons to leave its host and soon after his disciples used this
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There were other ways exorcism became popularized like the movie, The Exorcist, a 1973 film directed by William Friendkin, it is about a girl who starts acting odd and her mother seeks medical help which did nothing until a local priest advises her to get a specialist to perform an exorcism. This movie had to be the scariest of the time and it traumatized many viewers due to its graphical images and also knowing that it was loosely based on actual events. This movie was inspired by the book based on true events from the exorcism of a demon on a 14 year old boy that lived in Mount Rainier, Maryland. The author read news concerning the boy and that medical attention did not relieve any symptoms such as violent episodes and outbursts of foul language. He claimed that the boy spoke a different language and was moving across the room on his bed while asleep. This type of behavior could have been mental illness, or the case of actual demons possessing the body of the child. Cases like these attract attention throughout the cities and some are real and others are just fabricated. During these rituals, the greatest danger to the exorcist is becoming possessed by the demon or Devil himself. This is why most priests need to be free of sin so the evils spirits cannot take advantage of this and use it as punishment against them otherwise the demon will easily take over. Malachi Martin claimed in his book, “Hostage to the Devil” (1976) that the successes from doing
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