Essay about Christian Teaching on Wealth and Poverty

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Coursework (a) (i) Outline Christian teaching on wealth and poverty. Christians do not think money is a bad thing. However, they believe the way money is earned and used is the issue. Most Christians believe that wealth is a gift from God to benefit others. Christians believe that all money belongs to God and he gives them stewardship of his money to use wisely. The Bible teaches, “You cannot serve both God and money.” (Matthew 6:24). For Christians this means that they must be careful not to replace their love for God with the love of money. Christian teaching on wealth and possessions varies slightly regarding the amount of money and possessions that should be given to the poor. Some Christians follow the teaching in (Mark…show more content…
(Luke 10:25-37). Jesus taught this so that Christians would treat everyone the way that they would want to be treated. In Luke 6:20-26, Jesus said. “That the poor were special to him and that their suffering would be rewarded in heaven.” He also went on to say, “The rich who ignored the suffering of the poor would be punished.” One of Jesus’ most important teachings on poverty was in Matthew 25:31-46. To the affect Jesus said “Whenever you help anyone in need you are helping me.” Christians believe that when they help someone they are helping Jesus and that they will be rewarded for it. These are the main Christian teachings on wealth and poverty. (a) (ii) Explain why there is a need for world development. The worlds countries are split up into three factions: developed countries, less economically developed countries, (LEDCs), and the countries in between these two extremes. The majority of the countries in the North Hemisphere of the world are developed countries. Developed countries have an average annual income of above $9000. An example of a developed country is Great Britain. The majority of countries in the Southern Hemisphere are LEDCs. The average annual income for these countries is below $750. The countries in between are developing countries. Their average annual income is between $750-9000. There are many reasons why there are such differences between
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