Christian Values

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When education with Christian values is completed, the student will be more successful and peaceful throughout their life. To be more successful in school, the student needs to do their homework, pay attention in class, and stay organized.

For example, when the teacher gives homework it needs to be completed for the due date. If not completed, the teacher will get mad and send you to lunch bunch. Lunch bunch, a place where students have to go during lunch and recess to finish incomplete homework. When students have to go to lunch bunch, they are not allowed to talk to their friends and go to recess after lunch. In contrast, if the student completes their homework they get to go to lunch, talk to their friends, and go to recess to have fun.
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When paying attention, the notes students take will be neater, and when the student loses their notes because they are not staying organized, they will not get good grades on their test.

Another way to be successful is, to be organized, while being organized the student will have their notes to study for their tests. For example, when taking a test and the student studies for their test, they will get a better grade than a student that doesn't study for their test. In addition, the student will be able to find the papers they will need for the next class that they are going to and when something is due they won't be searching for the paper, they will know where it is.

In conclusion, doing all of these things the student will be successful in school and in life. When people are successful they will get a job easily and won't struggle in life. When people struggle in life they will not do well in life or in the mind. When going to a Christian school the student is more peaceful and successful when doing these thins. When students set goals for themselves they will be more excited to go to school and be successful. When struggling the person is not peaceful, they are stressing out about their
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