Christian Vision Of A Person By Patrick Mcardle

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QUESTION ONE In the article titled “Christian Vision of a Person”, Patrick McArdle seeks to explain the question of what it means to be a human person, and in doing so seeks to assist or enhance people’s understanding of Christian Ethics and Anthropology. From a modern, first world perspective, the question at first glance appears to be a simple one. However, when we read further, this appears not to be the case. His article takes an almost tripartite approach to defining the human person. He looks much deeper than the socio-biological aspects of humanity and gives us an insight into the metaphysical qualities that help us form our opinion of what it means to be a human person. In the later part of the article, McArdle goes on to talk about Christian anthropology and how this definition of the human person is related to God. In the first section of the article, McArdle spends some time explaining how over different times in history, the definition of what constitutes a human has changed quite dramatically. He lists incidents during our history where racism, genocide, sexism, child abuse and exclusion of people with disabilities have become examples where people have been ostracized and dehumanized. McArdle warns that when we assign qualities to individuals or groups (that are in deficit or contrary to the popular definition), we actually risk exiling vulnerable members of our community and in effect, compromise our Christian ethics. At this point of the article,
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