Christian Vs. Child Of God

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Christian or Child of God

What does it mean to be a Christian verses a Child of God, in today’s society? This question also stems from the DB assignment this week. Which is in essence to refute the doctrine of those that in fact teach heresy. Therefore, consider the question asked from this stand point, every human on this planet can claim to be Christian and live under the law of sin, without having a relationship with Christ, however, believing in God. Now that sounds like an oxymoron, but in reality that is exactly what society believes is possible. Living the life of sin they choose and still reside in heaven after death. Failing to release there is more than one death that must be overcome in order to live eternally with God. However, what of the Child of God? A true believer is known as a Child of God today, based on the established life changing relationship that is divinely purchased by the Blood of the Lamb.
The reflecting is not just in works but of Faith this Child has by living the example of Christ. Not in good deeds but in the measure of Faith as a true witness, a vessel in which Christ Jesus can and does use. No longer bond unto slavery in the old man’s nature but alive in the newness of the new creature through Jesus Himself. Christians frequent old establishments, habits, and sinful nature without question or conviction. Remember the ten men with leprosy? How many returned to give praise unto the King? One. Why? Because the stench no longer resided in his…
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