Christian Vs. Public Schools

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Christian girls loved to pray in a group and would like to add individuals to come talk and learn more about the Bible, so the girls had asked a teacher in their school to provide space in a room for religious practices. They then made posters and pamphlets to see who would like to join, but the teachers are not able to teach or hear anything because of their own perspectives and opinions about the Bible lessons. Religion in public schools are not allowed in some countries. Even though individuals have different beliefs or do not believe in religion or in God, they would have to believe in something. On the other hand, others are for religion in public schools. The law is strict about it being acceptable throughout public education, because the way the law and public schools view the similarities and differences might affect the students. Students are offended, bullied, hurt and or even fooled about their looks, personalities and their beliefs. By changing the law and letting teachers teach the ones who want it or need it, can change the atmosphere around others. Now, nobody talks about religion or their beliefs, which needs to be change. Individuals would like to embed the law to put religion in public schools to let people know the differences and similarities. Public schools should allow religious practices because of the first amendment which involves religion being a part of students’ choices. The Supreme Court is holding back on public schools to teach the practices,…

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