Christian World View And Statistics

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Christian World View and Statistics When studying statistics, it is important to look all aspect of it, such as the statistical ethical guidelines. Another important to look at is how Christian World view can be applied to statistics. In this essay, the following will be discussed: statistical ethical guidelines, ethical issues from a Christian World view, and ethical issues. Christian World View and Statistics The following section will be discussing: statistical ethical guidelines, ethical issues from a Christian World view, and ethical issues. By establishing what statistics guidelines are and what Christian World view guidelines are we can determine how to be ethical satiations in the work force. Statistics Guidelines When…show more content…
I feel that this one is important, because if there is not clear purpose for conducting the test then there will be issues trying to conduct the statics test without bias. Another reason is that since it is tempting to be unethical and lie about the data for personal gain, it is important that everyone involve with the test are honest and will go by what the data says. Another ethical guideline that is important is number four on the list that says to protect the confidently of the information. Since these tests are confidential between the satiations and the client, it is momentous that the client’s information does not get leaked. The reason that this is a major issue if it did get leak is that there is employee and client confidential laws that are in place and if the employer leaks the information it would cause a lot of problems. The last ethical guideline that is has major importance is listed at number sixth is that when there is any issues or impartiality that the person working on the test or the clients need to inform each other immediately. The reason for this is that if there are any problems with the experiment not being neutral they need to be notify right away to fix the problem. The problem can be fixed by either having to restart the exam or shutting it down. Even though some of these ethical issues in place might seem like something everyone should know it is still important to have them in place just in case, so there is no confusion on
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