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Crystal Cook April 12, 2012 CWV101-Crawford Family Television Review The situation comedy that highlights family values and functions for this Family Television Review is the show called The Parkers. The name of the family is The Parkers which is a family with a single mother and a daughter both attending college. Observations of the family lead me to the conclusion that their worldview is between a naturalism and secular worldview. While watching the show The Parkers I have observe that The Parkers live they life base off naturalism and secular because they are fulfilling their dreams in life regardless of what people might say or believe. On the following episode e the the mother Nikki Parkers truly believes her and the…show more content…
We both value that education is very important and will need it to farther ourselves farther in life. The Nicky character is not like me as a mother to a certain degree because I personally know when I’m not wanted. My family is my first priority just like Kim is Nikki first priority on the show. The show did not impact my view on what a family is because we had similar views on how we raised our family to get all they can out of life. We do things that make us happy and make me feel good as a person. I value all the time I have with my girls because I never know what might happen to them or me. I attended church because I know it is the right thing to do and I know God is a key component to everything I do in life. The Parkers had a small positive influence on me about what a family is because Nikki always put God first and everything else fell in place. The Parkers show made me realize that family is all you have and you have to spend time with them because children remember time spent not money spent. I would not change how I do things with my girls because they love me and I love
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