Christian Worldview As A Student

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The Christian Worldview as a Student
Christian worldview opens the doors to the mind of students and cultures from all around the world. In this course, topics from who is God or what is the reality of human nature is gone through. Giving the student the ability to weigh his or her personal views against the Christian worldview presented, not persuade or to change their views but to give a chance to develop their individual views while searching for the reasons for their worldview. From the individual experiences to the personal traditions and faith in life can change how someone views the world. Through the beliefs held about humanity and how the world was created, can define a person 's actions and behaviors. From whom God is to the role
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It starts with God and Adam and Eve, as that relationship fails, God set up a covenant with His people of Israel. The people of Israel fail short of keeping the covenant with God, and He sent His son as the final sacrifices for sin, then giving us his Holy Spirit to guide us. God is the creator of all; He is love, and He desires a relationship with His people.
From God’s creation of man to the idea of humanity in this world is revealed by God’s living word. When God created man in His image, He revealed how important it is for us to be in a relationship with Him, and by placing Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden it shows that humanity is to live over the domain of earth, caring for and ruling over everything. By the fall of humanity from God, there has been a separation from the divine creator and His creation. Humans no longer are born pure in heart and mind but or born to the desires of the flesh. No longer seeking a divine relationship, but seeking the sinful nature of the flesh. God placing humanity over the earth; to be fruitful and multiply, and to spread over the surface of the world, as believers of God humanity is designed to spread the word of God and to worship and praise Him forever and ever. Jesus Christ came to reconcile the world to the creator; this change humanity for ever, no longer needing a sacrifice for the sins of humans, only needing to believe in Jesus Christ as the savior. From the fall of
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