Christian Worldview Reflection

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Do you know?

How is it possible to know that the universe is expanding? How is it possible that through Red Shift and the Doppler effect, we can know, scientifically, that there was a beginning of the universe? How is it possible that the universe functions so perfectly? That no element, no atom, no tick of time or an inch of space is off in any way? How is it possible that the slightest shift of gravity could mess up our entire world? How is it possible that we, you and I, are breathing, thinking and living in the manner we are?

Sometimes just to think logically takes a lot of energy. Other times, like today, thinking, analyzing and researching is one of the only things that keeps me excited to journey through life. It’s true, I’m a
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Having grown up in the “Just google it” world, I find myself turning toward my professors and the computer to find my answers. The thing about this worldview class, is that, a computer cannot tell me what to think. I don’t want to become academically lazy. Even more so, I don’t want to become ignorant of my own beliefs.

Some people think that Christianity is a religion. Isn’t a religion something that one basis their entire life around? Should a religion be something that encompasses the speech, action and thoughts of a person? Religion means devotion. If that is the definition of religion, then yes, I want Jesus to be my religion. I want my entire life, my homework, my conversations, my work, my sleep, everything, to permeate Christ. Here is my concern, as a culture of human beings: If our entire life is based off of our religion, our worldview (and yes, everybody has one), should we not have an understanding of what it is that we believe? Should we not be able to explain why we look at the world the way we do? Should we not be able to explain the reason we use the language we do, the reason we watch the things we watch, the reason we wear the things we wear and the reason we worship the things we worship? What good is it to live a life unexplained?

I’ve recently acknowledged the lack of critical thinking in my generation. But, I don’t believe that this issue occurs in the millennial only. Do we, as the human race, care what our purpose is on this
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