Christian Worldview in Research Design

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Christian Worldview in Research Design
Classification in Genesis 2:19-20
In Genesis 2:19-20 the LORD GOD forms the wild animals and birds from the ground and presents them before Adam for him to name them. In these lines of the Scripture, Adam is presented with a task to make sense out of the complex world of nature by simplifying it in a way that makes it easier for him to comprehend its complexity and interrelationships. The universality and integrated nature of the universe is expressed in these lines in that the LORD GOD does not name the creatures or explain any relationship between them. HE leaves that up to Adam to interpret the world around him and to organize it according to his own reasoning and understanding.
In these lines, as he is naming the creatures presented before him, he follows a line of classification that groups animals with similar features together into a class. The lines of the Scripture convey the idea that Adam observed livestock as creatures that could be domesticated and made use of to make life easier for man and to make the Earth habitable and comfortable for him. He observed the tame nature of these creatures and classified them separately. Similarly, he observed the wild and savage nature of the wild animals and realized that these posed a danger because of their sharp claws, powerful bodies and sharp teeth. Therefore, he classified them separately as wild animals. Finally, Adam observed the creatures that possessed wings that enabled

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