Christian Writing : The Dead Sea Scrolls

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We are able to trace back to when some of the earliest Christian writing was written that correlates with the Bible, such as the Dead Sea scrolls, can be traced back to between 400-300 BC. Having the ability to know where a text comes from and what for can often give us a unique insight on other pieces of literature that was written around the same era. Nevertheless it may help us also understand other writing that seem to be written about the same or story that appears to be similar. If we examine the Quran, we see that there is some evidence that is indicating that it utilizes some biblical stories, which were recorded within the Old Testament Bible. The interesting fact is that most of the Old Testament was written well before the Quran was invented by a group of Mohammed 's followers. The Quran uses the stories of Jonah, Joseph, and Mary in a special way to further or benefit Mohammad’s regime of Islam. After looking through Mohammad’s history we are able to see that he had multiple contact with the Old Testament being around Mecca, not to mention to the oral translations that were past down among groups in Arab culture. In search of the truth we will have to compare and contrast the two essential religious books in order to extract the true meanings passages.
The message from the Quran and the Bible are extremely different. We see the first evidence in their introduction as it shows where the focus is of the story. Unlike the Bible the Quran talks about the creation of…
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