Christian Zionism Research Paper

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“We regard you to be one of our best friends in the world.” Ariel Sharon, former Israeli Prime Mister stated towards a group of 1,500 Evangelical Christians in Jerusalem.
Christian Zionism is a belief based in a very literal interpretation of the Bible. It is the belief that God gave Jews the Holy Land, and that Jesus will return once there is a Jewish only Israel. In other words, the second coming of the Messiah will only occur once Israel, including the occupied territories, is free of all Palestinians. Christian Zionism is also known as Dispensationalist Theology and it is incredibly popular among Evangelical Christians. In fact, it is a central component to the religion. Similar to how the Gulan movement, engages with states in promoting
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While it also legitimizes the state of Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people, Christian Zionism is rooted in Dispensationalist Theology and is not a secular movement like Herzl’s modern Zionism. Dispensationalist Theology is the belief that we are in the end of times, and that the messiah will be returning, but only if a Jewish state exists and if all Jews “return” to the Holy Land. John Nelson Darby interpreted the bible this way, and Cyrus Ingerson Scofiled spread this ideology in the 19th century with a Bible he created to spread these ideas. This specific Bible became the most studied Bible ever. One important component to Dispensationalist Theology is the teaching of the “Rapture.” The Rapture refers to a period of time before the Second Coming of the Messiah in which God will remove all his true believers from the earth, and all of their souls will rise into heaven. After the Rapture comes the “Abomination of Desolation.” This will be a violent period that will consist of “many wars, famine, and disease.” After the Abomination of Desolation, the Great Tribulation will take place. During this time period, Dispensationalists believe that the ant-Christ will take over the world. Dispensationalists believe that the anti-Christ will be incredibly popular throughout the world and that “those who oppose him will be ostracized from their societies.” Additionally, during the Great Tribulation, Dispensationalists believe that 144,000
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