Christianity : A Strong Effect On Humanity

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Incredibility of Christianity Religion has a strong effect on humanity often changing people’s lives and helping them to walk out of their “darkness”. However, certain religions have different beliefs, as their truth. One of these, Christianity, is one of the most popular religions all around world. Roughly,There are roughly 2 billion Christians, approximately 31.7 percent of whole world population, in 2010 (PewResearchCenter). Although there are many followers of Christianity, there is not enough evidence to present Christianity as “the one true religion” as is tradition, evidence in their documents, and believers’ faith.

Christian Tradition Christianity, a religion, that has last more than two thousand years, with traditions that obviously have much influence to history and people’s lives. However, there are many odd and meaningless traditions in Christianity, and these traditions may have passed wrong information. The definition of “tradition” is "an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior”(Merriam-Webster). Therefore, Christianity, as the most popular religion around the world must have some unique patterns of thought, action, or behavior(PewResearchCenter). Firstly, some of Christian tradition is strange or evil. The Bible, as Christian Holy book, is deemed as the law of God by Christians; and they have been trying to obey this law. Therefore, Christian God’s law would be the source of their tradition. In the Bible, there
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