Christianity And Buddhism And Christianity

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Christianity and Buddhism exist as two of the predominant religions throughout the world. While Buddhism ranks around fifth in number of followers of religions, it is the third most widespread religion behind Christianity and Islam. Buddhism and Christianity are arrantly distinct in their principle standpoints: Buddhism rejects the existence of a greater being and Christianity proudly professes the power of a universal God. However, despite this rigid dissimilarity, both religions developed and spread with akin practices and messages due to their analogous founders, mother religions with like social significance, and approachable and appealing doctrine.
Despite living both centuries and untraveled miles apart, Gautama Buddha, the founding …show more content…

And, although the Buddha never claimed divinity, his followers certainly consider him to be above ordinary mortals and often recognize him to be divine. Although Buddha and Jesus’ honor when separate from religion and divinity command respect for their lives, it is their followers’ belief in their divinity that has allowed for the widespread expansion of Buddhism and Christianity. During their lives, Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ made decisive impacts on many people; however, their followers’ dedication after their deaths is the basis for their lasting impacts.
Because the followers stood firm in insisting the legitimacy of the merit and divinity of Gautama Buddha and Jesus, they either truly performed miracles or effectively orchestrated actions that appeared extraordinary. Among other miraculous events, Buddha’s followers claim witness to the “Mahapatihariya (‘Great Miracle’) in which the Buddha multiplied himself many times over.” (PAGE 116). Jesus’ disciples testify on his healing blindness, raising the dead, and other supernatural acts. Such fantastic events cultivated similar passion among the followers for sharing their stories in later years. Moreover, both men humbly and selflessly served others rather than advertising their abilities for selfish gain or escaping to paradise when given the opportunity. Buddha was known for his “disinclination to use miraculous powers” except in response to a basic need or dangerous situation, and Jesus used his power only

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