Christianity And Buddhism : The Teachings Of Life, Death, And The Resurrection Of The Buddha

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i. The religion founded by Christ in where He is Central to over twenty-one billion people is known as Christianity. It is the teachings of life, death, and the resurrection of Christ originating from Jerusalem in present- day Israel. Buddhism is a spiritually sought religion that focus on the teachings of the Buddha. The number of Buddhist world-wide has been estimated to be around three-hundred and fifty million, which is about six percent of the world’s population. This religion is concentrated on the teachings of the Buddha and the perceived enlightenment of life. Siddhartha Gautama, became the founder in present-day Nepal, India during the fifth century.
b. Thesis Statement:
i. Although Christianity and Buddhism are largely incompatible, they are similar in some situations when it comes to their doctrine and beliefs, methods of outreach and practices.
II. Christianity
a. Jesus
i. The figure of Christianity is Jesus Christ. Born in Bethlehem, Israel over two thousand years ago he was said to have been the Son of God. He walked the earth and was an incarnation of God. He began to minister for three and a half years and went around teaching this religion with his twelve disciples throughout Israel. After gaining the attention of the people he was executed by the Jewish leaders because his views didn’t go along with theirs.
b. Bible
i. The bible is now divided into two parts, the life before and after he was born. This book was inspired by many different people. First
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