Christianity And Christianity : Christianity Vs. Islam

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Kayleigh Crane
Mr. Banas
World Religions
October 12th, 2017
Christianity vs. Islam Islam and Christianity have a lot in common than most people recognize. Analyzing both religions in pre-modern, modern, and post-modern to see where their similarities lie and what makes them so different. Pre-modernist are people who hold strong conservative beliefs and still believe in the old fairy-tail belief systems that have been proved wrong. They also reject certain advances in technology and favor the old way of doing things. Modernism is a decided exertion with respect to the individuals who have lost their own faith in the divine origin of the Holy Scriptures to persuade others regarding their perspectives. In post-modernism philosophy, they believe society is in a constant state of change. They have no real version of reality, no outright truth. Post-modern religion strengthens the individual's perspective and it weakens the religions strengths that deal with open-minded realities.
Pre-modernism refers to the late Middle Ages (1200-1600 A.D.) through the reformation and to the dawn of the enlightenment. In Christianity, the Europeans believed during the time "that God exists and knows everything. We human beings, made in his image, know only an infinitesimal part of what God knows. In fact, if we are to know anything, then we must come to know some part of what God already perfectly knows-and so revelation is required. Revelation can come through Scripture or the church's
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