Christianity And Church History During The 20th Century

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It is common and preferable to study history from above—through the lens of the predominant culture or through the actions of a famous figure. Yet, learning history from below allows us to gain insight from the feelings and emotions of those affected, in addition to learning a story or history that is hidden when studied from above. The story is told from the perspective of the common people or individual. In this paper, the history of Christianity will told from below. It will be told from the prospective of an individual who was born and lived in South Africa in the middle 20th century, during apartheid. First, this paper will briefly discuss the beginning of Christianity in South Africa. Second, it will discuss Christianity and church history during the 20th century, which is the main time period referenced in the paper. Third, it will discuss church history from the oral account of and viewed through the life of Joy Hepkin, a black South African who currently resides in the United States. The fourth sections will provide a reflection on the personal value gained from this oral history and the value of oral history for ministry today. PRELUDE In order to gain a personal perspective on the history of Christianity in South Africa, Joy Hepkin, a coworker, was interviewed. Joy is a registered oncology nurse. Joy was born in South Africa and spent most of her time there living in Johannesburg. She is married and her husband is a pastor. Joy was interview over a

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