Christianity And Hinduism Similarities

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Christianity and Hinduism are two of the largest religions in the world and have been around for thousands of years. Christianity originated in Jerusalem, whereas Hinduism traces back to India, where most of its followers still live. These religions have created an enormous impact on several people across the globe. Due to the establishment of a variety of philosophies from different important figures, many similarities and differences of the two religions have arose. Despite the fact that the religions of Christianity and Hinduism share some similarities, the differences between the two are extremely powerful and overweighing. Some key factors that are very contrasting are the two religions’ idea of God, classification of human beings, and…show more content…
According to Christians, reincarnation is not something to believe. The Bible, which is the sacred text of Christianity, opposes the theory of reincarnation due to several reasons. One article reads, “Belief in reincarnation is absolutely incompatible with faith in the resurrection since it preaches separation between spirit and matter” (Johnson, 6). This selected quote illustrates the fact that reincarnation allows one’s soul and spirit to leave their body. However, this theory is the opposite of what the Bible writes. Once someone dies, their soul and spirit continue in either a place of agony, where people disobeyed God, or in a paradise called heaven. This statement in the Bible does not support someone passing away and then coming back to life in the form of a human or animal. Although Christians reject the idea of reincarnation, they believe that there is a path to salvation. Not everyone is able to be saved by God, but those who are saved achieved one thing in common—having faith. By hearing the gospel and putting all of your faith in the Lord Jesus, and trusting his death for the payment of our sins, all of one’s wrongdoing may be forgiven. However, the notion of recreation and the path of salvation is entirely different in the religion of Hinduism. In fact, Hindus believe in reincarnation, that people are…show more content…
Factors that reinforce the dissimilarity between the two religions are their idea of God, classification of human beings, and path to salvation. Christianity and Hinduism are very old religions that have been around for thousands of years. Throughout these years, these factors have had an enormous impact on Christianity and Hinduism to this day. In the end, by looking into the origins of the religions, it is clear that their differences stand
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