Christianity And Its Effect On The World

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Since the religion of Christianity was first practiced, it has been spread to the far reaches of the world. The spread of the religion has led to some major political, social, and economic consequences. Christianity started as a small sect of Judaism and has become the most practiced religion in the world. Aided by cultural diffusion, missionaries, and war, the church expanded and more. There have been many causes for the spread of Christianity, and it has led to numerous effects. Many of these causes and effects happened thousands of years ago. Although it has been a long time, they still greatly impact the world today. Christianity had its origin in Palestine, and started as a sect of Judaism (Christian History, 2015). The religion was not widely accepted and often had to be practiced secret. There weren’t even any churches. Christianity entered an environment rich with religious diversity. There were polytheistic religions, Judaism, pagans, and more. Some of these mystery religions had become very widespread during this time, although many characteristics of them are unknown due to the secretive nature and lack of writings. Those religions often had very similar characteristics to Christianity, and it is likely they had an impact on some beliefs of the religion. Most of them also believed in the death and resurrection of a savior God. The Jewish people at the time were characterized by strict monotheism, a gradual shift from temple ritual to personal ethics,
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