Christianity And Its Effects On Modern Culture And Society

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Jabari Baptiste
Christopher Martinez
14 November 2014
Christianity and its Effects on Modern Culture and Society Christianity, the way and teachings of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. It is the largest and most popular religion in the world with about a whopping 2.1 billion religious followers positioned all around the world. Christianity has had such an important impact on the course of the history of the world since its creation about 2,000 years ago that even today both Christian followers and non-Christians still follow the moral and ethical teachings presented by Jesus Christ within Christianity in their everyday lives. These moral and ethical teachings of Jesus Christ have made such a great impression throughout the years since its creation that today most non-Christians at least tend to respect Jesus as a great moral and ethical leader and teacher, but turn their back to the spiritual supernatural aspect of him. To most historians the Bible is usually described as a book like no other. It is a sacred text that can arguably be considered the most influential book ever published in the history of the world. Its powerful message has affected every department of human nature and human interaction. The contents of the biblical scriptures has supplied the themes and inspiration to drive the greatest poets, artists and musicians which the world has ever seen, and it has been the mightiest factor of all in shaping the moral progression of the human race.
Christianity has
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