Christianity And Its Impact On The World And The United States

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In the last few hundred years there have been three new views on Christianity to take root in society and impact the world and they were; Neo-Orthodox, Evangelism and Liberalism. These three had quite the impact of the faith throughout Europe and the United States. The three had varying ideals, but it some case overlapped. However, Neo-Orthodoxy seems to be the most effective when communicating with Scripture. Liberalism will be the first to be covered in this paper, as well as the most radical in some aspects. Liberals took a new approach to what they viewed has an out of date religion, and changed the authority of the Bible and considered other sources of authority to help adapt Christianity into the new modern thinking of their time. “Reason, culture, experiences and science would all be employed in challenge to the classical authority of revelation.”(Bingham) The father of the Liberalist movement was the German theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher. Schleiermacher made an effort to separate religion from theology. To him religion wasn’t just beliefs or ethics, but was based in knowledge and action, theology is then the reflection of said actions. Religion ending up being nothing more than just feelings and experiences and each person’s own experiences turn into their revelations. This also made the teachings of the Scriptures important. His view on Jesus was that he was just a good teacher that’s job was to awaken people to God so they can work through them,
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