Christianity And Paganism

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Christianity vs Paganism
During ancient roman times there was much conflict of religion. There was the old religions like old Greeks deities which easily transformed over to Roman gods. There was also the emergence of new religions like Christianity and Paganism.
In the Roman times when Christianity developed where the pervasive love of Roman divine beings were indifferent and did not give an ethical base or a message of expectation, in the fourth century Christianity was framed, conceived from a changed form of Judaism. Christianity stressed the individual connection amongst God and individuals, gradually spread through the Roman Realm until eventually ruling the western culture. Three of the few factors that supported the development of Christianity in the Roman Domain were: the main beliefs and values of Christianity, unmistakable figures, and Christianity was offered to ladies. Christianity offered hope to numerous, for it was the season of grace and opportunity, an opportunity to reconstruct the future and establish the frameworks for an existence with measure up to rights for all.
The Christian message was one of salvation through the executed and risen Master. "Through this man," said Paul in 13:38, "pardoning is declared to you."(Paul 13:38) As such, the necessities of the law to be circumcised, to give up in the sanctuary, to keep the sustenance laws of the Jewish individuals did not offer opportunity but rather bondage. In any case, in Christ the individual is
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