Christianity And Sikhism: A Comparative Analysis

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Health care is as essential as they come and health care providers have to develop a strong core to deal with the overwhelming and diverse environment. It is very imperative that health care providers understand that they will be faced with dilemmas that will possibly arise tensions in their workplace. Learning how to deal with these possible tensions usually comes from the important concept of cultural competency; henceforth, this will introduce not only a healthy environment, but also a respectful environment for the betterment of the organization, the health care providers, and the patients. This paper will provide a comparative analysis between Christianity and Sikhism, two faith philosophies that will put forth insight from a health care…show more content…
Every Christian knows and understands that God is the creator of all things; however, sometimes their perspectives may differ. Christians know that God loves everyone and wants us to live eternally with Him. God sent Jesus, in human form, to heal every person and to die for our sins on the Holy cross. Christianity is all about receiving salvation through Christ and developing a long-term relationship with Him. Shelly & Miller (2006) state that Christianity is the most inclusive of religions and also encompasses people worldwide in every culture (p. 120). Christianity has a huge effect on other worldviews or religions because it is the religion that is mostly compared to. The other religions base their perceptions and beliefs off whether the truth about Christianity is influential or…show more content…
Christian beliefs are based on Trinity, which is God the father, Jesus the son, and the Holy Spirit; however, they are all part of one God. “For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5, NIV). Sikhs believe in the one God, which is also considered Guru Nanak Dev Ji (Singh, 2016). They both believe that there is life after death; however, their views are slightly different in how joining God comes about in respect to heaven and hell. Being able to understand the differences between Christianity and Sikhism will help individuals, particularly health care providers, acknowledge their

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