Christianity And The Christian Church

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Around 2,000 years ago a Jewish child was born in the city of Bethlehem named Jesus Christ. At the time, few were aware of the magnitude of this seemingly mundane event. This child born in a lowly stable, was foretold by many to be the Messiah, the son of God himself, in fulfillment of ancient scripture. Over the next few centuries the life works and teachings of this individual were recorded and spread across the globe, making up the cornerstone of Christ’s most important legacy, Christianity. It is a religion shaped entirely around Jesus’ personal philosophies and ideologies that has forever shaped the course of human history.
In order to appreciate the importance of Christianity, first an understanding of the religion itself must be
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This means that Christians believe that they are ultimately saved by their relationship and belief in Christ. These basic components set the foundation for the comprehensive religion of Christianity.
The origins of the Christian religion began almost immediately after Christ’s resurrection. Jesus disciples carried on his legacy and began to convert many of the Jewish faith. At this point, Christianity was originally viewed as just a subset of the Jewish faith, not an entirely separate ideology. Despite this belief by converts, what Jesus’ apostles were teaching was radically different, as they believed that Jesus was the Messiah predicted in Jewish faith. They taught that Jesus had suffered and died for mankind 's sins when he was crucified by the Romans. In doing so he saved the world, creating what is now known as Christ’s “new covenant”. After only a few decades following his death, most of Jesus’ life works and teachings were recorded as the New Testament. These books were spread around and the religion began to grow rapidly.
The development of Christianity over the next several hundred years was truly astounding and can be split into roughly four unique periods. The first of these periods is the rise of the Roman Church. Initially, Christians were persecuted relentlessly by the Romans. However in 312 A.D. the Roman Emperor, Constantine, entirely changed Christianity’s place in society. It became the official religion of the Romans and Christian leaders became
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