Christianity And The Middle East Essay

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Christianity is beginning to flourish and thrive, Pope Urban II and others were trying to establish Christianity in the Middle East. But initiating this started a war against Islam, with the objective of recollecting the city of Jerusalem. The Franks were famous for defeating Umayyad Caliphate “the Franks were members of a Germanic people that conquered Gaul in the 6th century and controlled much of western Europe for several centuries afterward.” The entire war was more about land instead of religion; this first crusade set a precedent for the rest of the campaigns to come. The origin of the Crusades started off with Pope Urban II’s plea; the Pope wanted to wage war with the Muslims over holy land. In the first crusades, you have two different perspectives. The Muslims and the Christians, at first the Muslims were clueless on who this new enemy was. The Muslims were utterly astonished when their land was invaded and pillaged. On the contrary, Christians looked at the crusades as “God’s will” they looked at the campaign as taking back what rightly belonged to them. These two perspectives are complete opposites, this aiding the war between the Muslims and Christians. The origin of the first crusades starts in Clermont, France 1095 BCE, Pope Urban II sermon not only inspired people but encouraged them. He told them to join forces and take back what rightfully belong to them; the pop wanted to destroy the Muslims. In the Popes speech he said “Whoever shall set forth to
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