Christianity And The Nature Of God

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If one is to write about Christianity and the nature of God, one must have a foundation to rely upon. Both theology and our epistemological queries concerning God must be crafted from a source. Michael Bird in his Evangelical Theology notes that the prolegomena or things we say before saying anything about God must be predicated upon a critical source. This source is God’s Word and is revealed in multiple ways. If one is to conduct a Credo or apologetic stance of his Christian faith, this person ought to explain how God reveals Godself, especially through the Biblical text, but also potentially through creation. God revealing Godself through the God’s Word is also known as Special Revelation; whereas, God revealing God’s personality through creation is known as General Revelation or Natural Theology. First and foremost, there is a significant debate concerning the possibility of Natural Theology. Emil Bruner and Karl Barth famously debated this in the 1930’s as Barth argued that only the Holy Spirit can illuminate the person of God so that God is revealed to humanity. Without the illumination of the Holy Spirit, humanity is too deep in their sin to see God’s handiwork throughout creation. John Calvin, on the other hand, believes that the knowledge of God has been naturally implanted in the minds of humanity. To prevent humanity from pretending that they were never aware of God’s existence, God implants knowledge of God’s divine majesty. Additionally, Calvin believes that
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