Christianity And The Roman Empire

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Over the first two centuries, it was a dark and dreary time for the Ancient Roman Empire. Many of the people turned away from the god of old and began to believe in a god that gave salvation and hope. Salvation from this life and onto the next. This ideology would eventually come in many different forms, languages, and ideas. However, they were all waved under one flag and one religion; the cause of Christianity. The Gospel of Matthew: Chapters 4-7 quite accurately covers the main threats that Christianity posed to the Roman Empire. Why was Christianity such a major threat to the Roman Empire at the time of its conceivement? The belief of salvation in the form of an afterlife, of a God whose word was superior to that of the Emperor himself, and the more deeply felt beliefs of righteousness and unity are all major parts of what made Christianity the biggest threat the Roman Empire had faced in a long time.
The belief of Salvation after death is one of the biggest threats that Christianity posed to the Roman Empire because it gives the people a reason to hope and perhaps even rebel against the King. In this case, Salvation is being used as a postmortem eternal bliss called Heaven. In the Gospel of Matthews Chapter 5, Jesus states, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the Earth.”(Chang 23). In a literal sense, this is a definite threat to the Kings powerbase. However, when Jesus says this, he is actually comparing it to Heaven. As the earth is everything on and outside
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