Christianity : Christian And Modern Western Society

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James Wilson
Christianity – Research Assignment

-Introduction to Christianity
Christianity is one of the most influential religions on both ancient and modern Western society, with the religion based on the teachings of the prophet Jesus Christ who lived approximately between the years of 5 BC and 33 AD. It is claimed that Christ was the son of God whose spirit was embodied and sent to Earth as a human being to bring peace and prosperity to the less fortunate, and absolve the world of its sin. Jesus preached a doctrine of a supreme monotheistic god who ruled over the universe, as well as ethics and morals especially centred on the concept of faith and forgiveness. If one was to live their life in accordance to the Will of God and the teachings of Christ found in the written word of the Holy Bible, one would be absolved of their sin and ascend to the spiritual realm of God, known as Heaven, after their physical death.

The world was gripped by the tale of forgiveness, Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross and his subsequent resurrection, as it was written and asserted. Through his first supernatural miracles and preaching, Christ had created a young religious congregation, but after his death Christ’s disciples and followers dedicated themselves to spreading the Word of God and the religion to the far corners of the world. Mass conversions took place with ordinary citizens in awe at the declared majesty of God, as well as the thought of a better life beyond the squalor of ancient…
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