Christianity : Christianity And The Past

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Throughout history, Christianity always had a reputation, or a “name” following it. Different perspectives approached the reputation that was attached to Christianity in different manners. Justin Martyr and Porphyry had objectives when defining whether this “name” really defined Christianity and the past. They wondered whether the past really represented Christianity. Additionally they honed in on the question of was the past that people represented as Christianity really the roots of Christianity? All around Porphyry and Justin was perceptions of what Christianity rooted from and stood for. The individual works of Porphyry and Justin gives just a glimpse of the opposing views they held of Christianity. They both had ideas about the place of Christianity in the Roman world, based on the roots and origins of Christianity. Justin chose Christianity later on in life, where he found truths in the ideas of Christianity and pursued showing how there were faults in the views that were held about Christianity. Porphyry, who is said to be someone who left Christianity, found faults and issues with concepts of Christianity that they held as critical pieces of their origins. Porphyry held issues with the idea of Christians claiming Moses or the Apostles as actual major influences on Christianity. Justin Martyr’s work was an ‘Apology’ towards the Emperor Antonius Pious and his sons, members of the Roman senate. This was Justin’s response to the mistreatment he felt was being done
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