Christianity Christianity is one of the major religions on the world.

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Christianity Christianity is one of the major religions on the world. Christianity has had a continuous and complex history of development through the early Church Councils that formulated the creeds, the emergence of theology, the schism between Roman and orthodox Christianity in the eleventh century .All Christians are the followers of the Christ, the Jesus. Christian culture is totally based up on the death of the Christ, the one who died for the fellow children. Why did Jesus do such a great event?, To save his children from all their sins. When all his children fallen into sin, God decided to do save them because he is loving father. God scarifies himself to save us, he died in the cross and resurrected on…show more content…
Actually God is one but, all human worship them in a different way. As per history, there are much evidence about Jesus, and his death. So it is very open for everyone to think about the God and still there prevailed million people who believed in Jesus. As human character change from person to person their belief gets changed. There is no surprising about the different groups of people. Many times Power of Now deals with thinking and meditation, al on the other hand Christianity says: All these good if we look in human sense but god can do much more than this thinking and meditation because all this ability is given by God. Christian culture and belief has a strong base on it. The Old Testament has many foretelling about the coming, all of them is fulfilled in new testament. So, it is all done by a supernatural power. A simple human mind is not able to think in such a way because it takes decade for the fulfillment of these. Since it was there in the writing and scriptures we are still able to have access in it. So Christianity is the real group of people who follow Jesus, the real God. The Power of Now has a great argument about the thinking illusion. Identification with minds creates an opaque screen of concepts, labels, images, judgments and identification that block all true relationships. It can be with you and other fellow beings, with you and nature and between you and God. But all
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