Christianity In The Dracula's Perversion Of The Christian Vristianity

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If Christianity is abandoned, then people will become the monster that vampires are. This is seen in the vampires’ perversion of the Christian faith, the power that Christian icons hold over vampires, and the theme of sexuality.
Similar to how people abandoned religion in pursuit of Science and advancement, Count Dracula perverts the Christian faith to further himself. The very basis of vampirism includes the same elements of Christianity, such as immortality, blood, and the soul, but they are incorporated in stark contrast to how they are incorporated in Christianity. Count Dracula is an immortal and soulless being who consumes the blood of others to become stronger and “as a vampire, [he] inverts one of the principal Catholic sacraments: holy Communion” (“Dracula”). Christians drink the symbolic blood of Christ to be granted spiritual life, while “Dracula prolongs and revitalizes his physical life by drinking the real blood of humans” (“Dracula”). Moreover, Christians believe that the flesh is transient and their spiritual life to be more important while for Count Dracula, “blood is […] life” (Stoker 152). Additionally, Christians believe in life after death seeking an everlasting spiritual life while Count Dracula can not die of natural causes and is a man “who has centuries before him” (Stoker 322). Count Dracula’s perversion of the Christian faith to further himself symbolizes those who abandon their faith in the pursuit of power. This symbolism is continued in the

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