Christianity In The Nursing Profession Essay

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Nurses are an essential part of the healthcare system and the society. Nurses require special knowledge, preparation and skill, in their profession. They must have adequate training on issues that pertain to handling patients, medicine and medical records among other issues. Nursing profession requires an advanced knowledge and skills that it outgrows the needs of any society for special services. Nursing profession is a calling because it involves a lot of sacrifice of personal time, patient, discipline, values, ethics and other essential qualities. Nurses provide help, support and care to human beings irrespective of their gender, social status, financial status and the position they occupy in the society. Therefore, nurses should care…show more content…
The nurse acts as an advocate for the patient. She must have concern for the patient and act on behalf of the patient, to make him heal emotionally. Patients experience emotional instability during sickness. The patients experience a lot of pain and sometimes lack funds to cater, for their treatment. Other patients suffer from untreatable diseases that require close management and care. These issues may affect the patient emotionally. Therefore, the patient needs someone to encourage them and offer them advice. A nurse has the responsibility to comfort the patient and provide emotional support, at the time of need. A Christian nurse must provide care for patients, with politeness and handle them, in a friendly and respectable manner (O'Brien, The nurse's calling: a Christian spirituality of caring for the sick, 2001). In most cases, patients suffer from physical health problems. There are different health conditions that affect the mind and body physiology. However, these health conditions affect the physical health of the patients. These health conditions affect the physical health of the patients, to the extent that they may make them weak. Therefore, a Christian nurse has the responsibility of caring for the physical health of the patient. A nurse can do this by ensuring the cleanliness of the patient. This means that the nurse should use available facilities in the medical

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