Christianity Is A Religion That Is Religion

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Christianity is a religion that is based off of, and adheres to the religious teachings of Jesus Christ. This section will focus mainly on how the aspects of alcoholism, fornication, and modesty are addressed within Christianity. Alcohol consumption is permitted in Christianity and Christ has often been portrayed in the Bible grasping a glass of wine. The Bible even states that "wine, which cheereth God and man” is that which does indeed “maketh glad the heart of man". However, the Bible states to those who drink excessively: “Woe to those who are heroes at drinking wine, and valiant men in mixing strong drink” This clearly signifies a key concept of way with which intoxicants such as alcohol or drugs are perceived. If these narcotics provide happiness for mankind, there is no problem with consuming them. However, if these narcotics impair the senses, then the use of such drugs is greatly looked down upon. It is frowned upon by God. Therefore, this specific verse implies that it is not only excessive alcohol that is prohibited, but the use of any other substance that can cause a harmful effect for a human. This expands the definition of what was wine at the time to drugs in the modern world. Moving on, the issue of fornication in the Bible is greatly condemned. The Bible states that God encourages an individual to “Flee from sexual immorality.” An individual who commits adultery “will not inherit the kingdom of God.” Furthermore, in Christianity, women are encouraged to
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