Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, And Hinduism

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Many religions are practiced throughout the world. The most common ones are l Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Each of these have their own views, preachers and followers. Every religion is independently known because of its distinguishing holy being and god to be worshipped. Religions give their followers the particular strategies and rules in which to lead their lives. These rules and strategies give the distinctive identity to the followers of the particular religion. The religion assists the followers in improving and making better the sense of the world in which they are spending their lives. Thus religion gives their followers the particular way and teachings to follow in order to guide their lives.
In today’s multicultural societies there is cold war among people because of religion issues. The way religions are interpreted and practiced makes for significant changes and distinctions. However it is also the matter of fact that each religion wants the people of other religions to accept and adopt their religions because all religions believe that their religion is the greatest religion in the world. Though all the religions give the specific and distinctive teachings and have the different beliefs and characteristics, still each religion gives the teachings of humanity and love with the mankind.
Islam is also one of the greatest religions that are being practiced in many parts of the world. Islam has given the significant identity to its followers…
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