Christianity, Islam, Hinduism And Buddhism

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On earth, there are seven continents, one hundred ninety-six countries and a population of seven billion one hundred twenty-five million. What makes everyone stand out is their religion and culture. There are approximately four thousand two hundred religions, faiths and belief systems in the world. Out these many faiths, the most followed and practiced ones are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. Being the most practiced religion Christianity has over two billion followers. At second, Islam has over one billion adherents. Hinduism has about nine hundred million followers and Buddhism has about four hundred million followers. Soon after are Sikhism, Judaism and Baha’ism.

Like most of the other religion, Christianity has a God. Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and was the messiah promised in the Old Testament. It is believed that Jesus was sent by God to earth to save humanity from the consequences of its sins. They believe that there is only one God and that he is perfect, omnipresent and knows everything. It is believed that He created the universe, operates it and intervenes in it. God loves everyone unconditionally though adherents have to comply with various conditions in order to achieve salvation. Although Christians believe that there is one God, they believe he has three forms: God the Father, God the Son and The Holy Spirit.
God the Father is believed to be Jesus’ father. He sent an angel to Mary, Jesus’ mother, who gave her a…
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