Christianity, Islam and Buddhism

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Often times in our society we take one another for granted and treat each other with cruelty. Some of the times our best communication with one another is constant war, fights, and brutality to one another. Religion on the other gives us the opportunity to set aside our differences and come together as one. In order to do that we must believe religion works and set all concerns to the god or gods. Religions have become beneficial because it make things certain but also to put our uncertainty to the superior. Which means god will provide. Another way you or others can see this being affective is putting trust in the god and god’s. Back in the Early Middle Ages moving to the Dark Middle Ages, life was brutal and not choosing what religion you belong to makes it even harder for the individual. You had to believe and set aside your difference with religion.
During the Early Middle Ages the Roman Empire suffered many lost but were not destroyed by the constant warfare from the north. Civil war inside Roman Empire cause Rome to decline and less could not protect itself. They were lots of invasions and warfare throughout the Early Middle Ages. At the time Constantinople was the greatest city in the Christianity and Islamic world. Constantine legalizes Christianity which people seek salvation, and withdrawal from the comfort of the world. Islam was influenced by Christianity and began with the teachings of Mohammad. Islam was spreading expeditiously. In that event Mohammad
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