Christianity, Judaism, And Christianity

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In my opinion if you would have asked me this one year ago if there was afterlife, I would of told you no. Once upon a time I believe when you die you stay in the ground and your soul would stay there as well. I couldn’t imagine that there was a hell, heaven (paradise to some) or even a purgatory. That all change a few month ago when I learn that some people and some religion might believe what they want to. In this essay I have picked three religion Islam, Judaism, and Christianity to explain what each of them have and to be able to show the similarity and difference among them about the afterlife. Although each religion has its own goal, they however are similar in belief. I have found that these three religion are known as the…show more content…
No one know really know how the Heaven looks like only to be known as a wonderful and beautiful place. There is also a place that most Christian Catholic believe if you aren’t meant to be sent to Hell or Heaven, there is a third place to be sent to call Purgatory. Purgatory is where most Christians stay until called for to see if they deserve to be in the heaven. The Protestants do not believe in purgatory. Now all we have to worry about is when we die, let hope we have no sin and that for our past sins where wash away and those who did not serve God and have god in their life, will be judged by their deeds. As for Judaism, there is no forever between good souls and evil souls which in other religion such as Christianity and Islam. Judaism believe that the devil can be in heaven. As for Judaism they believe that death is not the end of human life. However, they are more focus on life now then think about the afterlife. They can believe whatever they want to believe but the souls of the good people who have die will go to similar heaven or to some they will be that reincarnated, or some will wait until the coming of the “messiah” , where they will be able to relive. Unlike other Judaism Jews they believe that the evil souls will be torture by demons of their own thoughts, or that evil souls will die and not to live ever again. As for Islam they believe in the Paradise or Jinnah, which be similar to
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