Christianity: Justification by Faith Essay

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Justification by faith is viewed by Christians as one of the greatest gifts from God given to the sons of Adam's lost race. Nothing can compare to the God given gift. Since the beginning of the church however, the doctrine justification has been quite an issue. For many years, scholars have been researching justification, the basis, as well as the ways to attain it. Once the definition was defined, the problem that scholars faced was the outcomes that followed it. In order for one to understand justification, one must comprehend the writings of Paul in his epistle of Romans.

THE DEFINITION OF JUSTIFICATION Scholars have faced difficulties trying to find the true meaning of justification. One reason why finding the meaning
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Even though there is controversy about the true definition of Justification, the obvious conclusion of all is that justification is similar to being in a court session with God, Jesus, and Satan. God would be the judge, Jesus would be our lawyer, and Satan would be the prosecutor of Christ believers. Satan would provide all accusations against us, but Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, would come to our defense declaring us righteous due to justification. God, our Judge, sits high and mighty satisfied for the righteousness granted to us by Jesus.

Scholars battled with the basis of justification just as they did with the definition of justification. Many thought justification could be attained through good works alone. This basis was obviously incorrect because this would mean that one may be granted justification by us and not by God. Good works can be as simple as following the law. in Romans 3:21-22, Paul stress that it is not the law that saves us, but is God. (Dockery).

Justification isn’t just a verdict that declares one as “not guilty”, but it declares one as totally innocent. Not only does our savior declare us as innocent, but in his eyes, it is as if we never committed sin. To add to God’s everlasting blessing, not only does he see us as sinless, but once justified, we are viewed as equal to Christ. Christ stated:

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