Christianity Rediscovered By Vincent J. Donovan

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Christianity Rediscovered Chapter One: In the first chapter of “Christianity Rediscovered” by Vincent J. Donovan he is introducing us to the idea that missionaries now have a poor reputation due to their history. He says “History has offered the opportunity to deflect and distort the meaning of missionary work in every age”. For a long time a missionary was a person spreading the word of God and after years of doing so we have diminished many different beliefs, practices, cultures and history. At the time it was thought to be the right thing, to spread out and share the gospel to help people find meaning and acceptance. In today’s age a missionary is a lot of different things, in many cases it is more focused on the health and physical wellbeing of the people. Many people still share the gospel through missionary work, but in other cases it is more of a material aid. Donovan introduces the book as a voyage of discovery he wants us to put our normal beliefs aside to see his perspective of living a missionaries life and struggling with the fact of if you are helping or hurting. Donovan speaks about the missionaries who came to East Africa after they were taken into slavery. The missionaries thought it would be a good idea to come over and buy the people to save them from harsh lives, so they bought as many as they could. Doing this they also taught them all of their customs and where forced into Christianity instead of their beliefs ways and cultures. This struck off a

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