Christianity Scapegoat Or Benefactor Analysis

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Christianity: Scapegoat or Benefactor? Beginning in the first century C.E., Christianity, a religion started by the followers of Jesus of Nazareth, extended across the Roman empire. Christianity provided Roman citizens with the prospect of forgiveness, ideal of achievement, and sense of community; however, along with this growing recognition followed the opposition of Christianity, which was initiated by Roman officials and sometimes emperors. Gradually the animosity directed towards Christianity declined and in 313 C.E. Constantine, emperor of Rome at the time, issued the Edict of Milan, demanding the toleration and acceptance of all religions. Eusebius of Caesarea, a Greek historian of Christianity, records Constantine’s reign and his eventual…show more content…
Constantine converted to Christianity because he “sought Divine assistance,” to gain the power he needed to overthrow the tyranny(Book I, Chapter XXVII). After becoming emperor, Constantine received a vision of a Cross of Light from God and etched on this cross were the words “CONQUER BY THIS,” prompting Constantine to go forth with his intrusive conquest of Europe (Book I, Chapter XXVIII). At the sight of this vision, Eusebius illustrates Constantine’s motivation in heeding God’s message as Constantine was “struck with amazement” (Book I, Chapter…show more content…
It provided a sense of economic stability to the Roman civilization because with its ailing economy, most civilians were concerned about the empire’s establishment. Also, it validated the multiple conquests headed by Constantine, and these conquests gave Constantine the momentum he needed to earn the support of the church that would eventually back him in the depreciation of polytheism. Initially Christianity preached to listeners of the significance of one’s devotion to God, but as it gained a larger Roman following, the once uplifting religion slowly transitioned into a
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