Christianity : The Law Of Human Nature And Christianity

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We have the two laws, the Law of nature and the law of human nature or moral law. Two world views discussed are the “Life-force” philosophy, an overall creator, or “Creative evolution”, which holds that any variation on this planet evolved from a life-force. You would have to dig deeper to see if they mean one with a mind.
We hold an uneasiness of the realization of being wrong. To fix our understanding of where we might be at, we must move back. Move back towards the intersection where the wrong worldview or theological mishap occurred to progress on the correct road instead of continuing on the wrong road which you may be on.
We now realize that at this point there is a real driving force, a being, or someone behind the universe. We see that this being is out for good in a sense by looking at the moral law. Humans have made enemies of this being by disobeying or not living up to such a moral law. Coming to the uneasiness of knowing we are guilty is where Christianity shows how God himself has provided forgiveness and grace. We must first look for ultimate truth to find real comfort.
There seems to be some overlapping truths in other religions that coincide with Christianity. But even within those beliefs, there is a real distinction. Those that believe God in beyond good and evil is Pantheism and those that believe that God is ultimately good and righteous is Christianity. How have we come to the idea or fact that there is good and evil, just and unjust, without the

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