Christianity Vs. Christianity : The Worldview Of Secularism And Christianity

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Secularism and Christianity, two of the most common religion in the world, had an ongoing battle against each other for decades about the ultimate truth of the world human live in. Despite having similar questions about the reason behind the creation of humanity, Christianity and Secularism’s view are so different to the point that there is barely any room for agreement. Secularists deem people as god and those who does not share the same worldview of secularism are erroneous people. Even though secularist believed that their view about morality, societal function are corrected and supported by historical and scientific evidences, their worldview is still inferior to Christianity because of various errors in their view and belief. Both Christians and Secularists agree that human have morality, but their interpretation is completely different. In the Christian worldview, the standard of morality all come from God, who is the paradigm of what a good moral action should be. In the realm of Secularism, the idea of morality doesn’t surround around a divine deity because man is the center of the universe. Since Secularists placed human at the center where truth and morality to be determined on, whether something is moral or not depends on human’s mind. This ideology of human-centered is what caused many people to suffer unpleasant incidents. Many years ago in Vietnam, a student, who was in my sixth grade class, decided that he can do whatever he wanted in the classroom because

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