Christianity and Hinduism

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Religion is a collection of different cultures and words view that relate humanity to spirituality. Religion is one of the most important efforts to answer the most profound questions of human existence. Where do we come from? What should we do while we are here? All the people on this universe have different religion like Hinduism, Sikhism, Muslims, Christianity, Buddhism, and Judaism. As I belong to Hindu Religion and as individual religion plays an important role in the life of people which help them how to serve the humanity and how to get god by doing good things. If we talk about Hinduism and Christianity both have its own and different principles like believes, caste system.

Hinduism Christianity
Hinduism has begun over four thousand years ago in an ancient, civilization. In Hinduism they believe in many gods like Vishnu is the lord protection (creature of world), Brahma was born by the navel of lord Vishnu. He sits on a lotus and his vahana (thing used to travel from one place to another) is the swan. He provide of all knowledge and wisdom, Goddess durga which obtain many powerful weapons. When the demonic forces create imbalance she become one divine force called Shakti or drug and destroy the evil. Shiva a destroyer of the world. Shiva is responsible for death and
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