Christianity and a Western Evangelical Global Theology

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Introduction The world has become a global village with the current unprecedented interconnectedness. More people have heard and the good news of Jesus Christ in the present generation than in any other time in history. It is estimated that more Christians in Africa, South American and Asia than there are in Europe and North America. With the current population explosion and various distractions brought by the technological advancements and other forces, more people than ever remain unreached. The church globally needs to reexamine how it implements theology and missionary work to set the stage for evangelism. "theological reflection rooted in God's self-revelation in Scripture and informed by the historical legacy of the Christian community through the ages, the current realities in the world, and the diverse perspectives of Christian communities throughout the world, to greater holiness in living and faithfulness in fulfilling God's mission in all the world through the church" (p. 30). McGarvey (1988) expressed concern in the deliverance of the world from sin by empowering the people of the world to understand sin. Sin is the transgression of the law of God (1 John. 3:4, The Jerusalem Bible) and the world is engulfed in it. Sin has a horrible nature and terrible consequences. Therefore, the world is in dire need for revival and repentance through evangelism. The need for evangelism is even great in reference to the book of Isaiah that says "God's hand is not shortened
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