Christianity in Lars and The Real Girl

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Christianity in Lars and The Real Girl When I saw Lars and the Real Girl on the choices of movies for this project, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. I really enjoyed this movie and its uniqueness. This movie has the most unique plot I have ever witnessed in a film. At the end of the movie, Margo says to Lars, “There will never be one like her” in reference to Bianca. In reality, there will never be a movie like this one. What I enjoyed most about this film was it was a Christian film but wasn’t a Christian film. What I mean by that is that it didn’t just throw Christianity in your face while watching it. Nothing about this film seemed fake. It never seemed as if the writer was trying to tell you one specific message of the…show more content…
One of the places where this often happens is within a Christian community (Robinson). Lars is going through a tough time in his life where it would be easy for his church community to call him crazy and not show him the love of Christ. Another message that was extremely evident in the film was the healing power of the community. The church community really reached out to Lars and bought into his “fantasy” that he was living in. I had a very interesting talk with my mom about this movie after I told her what it was about and that I was writing a paper about it. She asked me the question, “If Jesus was on Earth, would He buy into Lars’s “fantasy”? That question really made me think and I had to go look back at situations in the Bible were God helped those who were consider “crazy”. I found that there were several stories in the Bible where God went to extremes to include all of the people He created, and the church community in this film definitely understood that concept. It’s simple, humans long for love. We, as humans, are built for relationships with other people. Part of the healing process is the ability to let others help. Lars was broken after the loss of his mother, and without the help of the church community he would have never found closure in his mother’s death. The third message was the analogy of the persistent love of God. God never gives

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