Christianity 's Strict Regulations For Sex

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Christianity has strict regulations when it comes to sex. According to the bible sex is an act of procreating between a married man and women. The definition does not stray from that and it is not flexible. Any other type of sex is deemed a sin. Sexuality can be related to gender or how someone identifies themself, for example homosexual or heterosexual. Sex is more than just an act, it can be ones desire, behavior, or identity. It also provides a system of power, rules for living, and regulates our behavior. Recently there have been attempts to broaden Christianity to accept homosexuals but the movement is still slow. Monsignor Krysztof Olaf Charamsa announced that he was a homosexual to the Vatican, and lost his position. This shows how even religious figures can be gay and Christianity is not broadening its beliefs to include homosexuals, it is merely rejecting them. Monsignor Krysztof Olaf Charamsa announced that he was gay during a news conference in Rome with his partner by his side. He announced this before the synod of bishops because he wanted to make a huge impression, and seek approval from the pope. Charamsa wanted to pressure the Catholic Church to be more accepting of homosexuals, but instead of getting approval he was stripped of his title. The way the pope reacted shows that the Vatican is not open to homosexuals, even if they serve the church. Charamsa’s coming out was ground breaking because in addition to being a homosexual he was a valued priest. But
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