Christianity the most Universal Religion

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Christianity is the most universal religious belief in the world. Christians are divided into three different groups Orthodox (Eastern Countries), Roman Catholics and protestants (Europe, America, Australia). Also, there are hundreds of smaller groups called denominations. All the different groups don’t follow the same teachings but they all share the same beliefs. Christianity originated in Palestine, a Jewish province of the Roman Empire.The religion that is now known as christian has now spread all over the world. As converts to Christianity increased, the religion spread. The first century of the era was a time of suffering, revolution, and instability.
Jesus of Nazareth was a phenomenal person who changed the lives of many. Jesus is the messiah, who brings death on the cross for our salvation sins. Jesus was born to the mother of Mary in the first century in Palestine. Mary was told by an angel that she would have a son of god. Peter one of the leaders of the early christians had a vision that a huge piece of cloth was getting let down by the god. The cloth was filled with animals, reptiles, and birds. Peter went with the messengers to Cornelius house to preach about god. The time period that Moses was born the hebrews in egypt were slaves. Pharoh demanded that all young baby boys must be killed so they don't fight against him . The mother had a plan and sent him in a basket across the nile river. Moses grew up as an egyptian prince because he was
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