Christianity vs. Jainism

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Christianity v. Jainism I have chosen Christianity and Jainism, two of the major world religions as the two religions I would like to compare. I chose these two religions because of my familiarity with Christianity and my interest in wanting to learn more about Jainism. I started my research by wanting to know about their similarities but ended up learning a lot more about their differences. I will begin by giving a brief summary on each religion and then I will list and explain three differences in their views on perfection, beliefs in Gods, and lastly their beliefs about non-violence. Lastly, I will inform the reader how these differences affect the people within the religion. First, let’s take a look at Christianity. It is a…show more content…
Jains believe that everything deserves to live. Jains are strict vegetarians and treat everything with great care (Fisher). Jains believe that a living being is injured if you were to kick a rock while you were walking. Jains are particular about the jobs they work in and also the clothing that they wear because they believe these too can injure life (Fisher). The affects that these beliefs have on the people within the religion varies. When we look at the differences between Christianity and Jainism when we reference perfection, Jains are required through personal sacrifices to achieve that perfection solely on their own, so this puts more responsibility on the individual person. Within the Christian religion, they can never reach that ultimate level of perfection that would put them on the same level as a “god”, so their goal is to try to be like Jesus because they know they will never “be” Jesus. Ways that the belief of Gods affects Christianity followers is that it gives them someone else to depend on besides themselves. They will look to that higher power for guidance and answers. In Jainism the affect is somewhat similar to the affects of perfection. Jains have more to strive for because through liberation they can obtain that ultimate level to be classified as a “god”. Non-violence through Christianity mostly affects the way human beings are treated. The Bible states "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would
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