Christianity vs. Scientology

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I. Introduction
Most people today have a limited understanding of Scientology and tend to believe that it is not a bona fide religious ideology. However, it is actually similar to most religions and by looking at the concepts that it puts across one is probably to acknowledge that it is actually very complex. Scientology is a modern religion and it can be best understood by comparing it with an older religion such as Christianity. Conservative Christians feel that this religion stand against most values promoted in the Christian world and that it would be difficult and almost impossible for a person to respect both of these religious ideologies.
II. Religious beliefs
Even with the fact that it is a modern religion, Scientology takes many of its beliefs from older religious ideologies. "Mixing ideas from Buddhist and Hindu religious philosophy, science fiction, and 20th-century Western concepts in psychology and science" (Scientology), the religion's founder, L. Ron Hubbard, devised a whole new religion. This religion promotes the belief that all human beings are actually immortal spirits who are unable to find their personal identity because they are misled by their struggle to escape the universe's tendency to exploit their need for feeling joy.
In contrast to Scientology, Christianity emphasizes that people are subjected to divine judgment when they die. Consequent to this, a higher power decides whether they should be provided with…

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